Flower design: costs and perceptions by couples

Talking about the costs of wedding floral decorations with couples is never so simple. Many times, transferring the feeling of work and study is much more difficult than it seems.

Let’s therefore analyze together what are the elements that determine the cost of the floral decorative part in an event.

First point – the cost of the flowers that the florist must purchase.

The cost has increased significantly in recent years also due to the Covid emergency, the European conflict, the loss of purchasing power by producers, the exponential growth of energy prices, the increase in production materials and last but not least, transport, four times more expensive than the pre-covid averages.

Second point – the work of the concept.

Working on a concept of an event is not simply putting flowers together for a ceremony or a table. The study of how to create compositions is fundamental.

Combinations, shapes, harmonies are elements that require care and well-defined conceptual work.

Third point – what is included in the price of the flower design.

Couples are not always aware of what is included in the established fee. Not just the flowers obviously, but also all the decorative accessories needed: arches, vases, cups, candles which obviously have a rental cost.

Fourth point – the hours of work to create the concept.

The time dedicated must be remunerated, it is as if an employee were not paid for the hours worked in the office.

Finally, the last but no less important point – the day of the event.

On the day of the event there will be transport costs given by the distance of the location, the costs of the staff that the flower design needs and the hours worked.

It is therefore essential to clarify all the doubts that may be behind the work of the suppliers, so our work as Wedding Planners becomes fundamental to give confidence to the couples who rely on us on their most important day.

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