Choose a Destination Wedding

Are you thinking of a Destination Wedding?


Choose the place suggested by your feelings, do not let anyone influence you. The place where you will crown your dream must be important and meaningful for both of you.
Find your place in the world!
Why do you choose to come to Italy and not go to Australia for example or to Ibiza and not to a Greek island? Only you can know this.
Let yourself be guided by emotions, as they say “the heart is not commanded” and it also applies to this type of choice.
A photo, the story of a journey, an article in a magazine … everything can be an inspiration.
The day you decide to get married is not to be underestimated, my advice is to choose a weekday to also save on the budget. Once you have defined the Destination Wedding, don’t forget the venue.
Try to find one that can give you that familiar feeling of welcome; not being on site you cannot be fully aware of it, which is why in this phase it is important the wedding planner who can check and make sure that the best is reserved for you.
In fact, the choice of suppliers is crucial at this stage, never more than now is it important to give priority to companies that encourage inclusiveness, the supportive and sustainable aspect.
I am thinking of companies that support the LGBT community, that have a sustainable vision of the environment and that can give a broader and more responsible vision to the event itself.
Start informing yourself about these aspects right away, don’t wait a minute longer.
Last but not least, the “problem” of the guests.
I call it a problem because many couples spend the small hours trying to figure out who to invite or not without hurting the feelings of others. Make your assessments with serenity.
My advice is to make sure you have your closest family and friends so that you can spend the whole holiday with you.
Destination Wedding is not just for the wedding day but an experience that must be lived with the people you love most!
This is why the care you have to give to the guests on the wedding day should not be underestimated, for example by personalizing an aperitif, a dinner or the dessert table for each one.
Those who participate in the event will have to feel important.
Finally, technology can have a fundamental aspect for the destination wedding: you could think about making a streaming connection during the ceremony with the people who will not have followed you to let them share the best day of your life.

Even if it will not be like having them there next to you, you can feel and give all the joy of that moment.

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