3 Tips to avoid a catastrophe on your wedding day

Many couples who decide to get married believe that it is easy to keep everything under control on the wedding day.

I have heard many times “Oh, I don’t need a wedding planner, I can do it all by myself.”

Here I do not question the skills and goodwill of the couple but they are often not enough; on the wedding day in fact the couple is busy enjoying the most beautiful moment of life without stress and cannot have their eyes on the total management of the event.

Sure there may be family and friends but without expert insight it’s really easy for something to go wrong. So what I want to do is give you some advice on how to manage certain situations if your decision is not to hire a wedding planner.


This is a case that can happen many more times than you think.
The rings are held by the wedding witness who must give them to the couple at the right moment of the ceremony.
But first they are used by the photographer for the various shoots.

My advice is to deliver the management of the rings to someone you trust who during your preparation can control all the movements without there being any bad surprises when you say “I Do”.

And please make sure that the person who takes this responsibility does not start drinking too much from the Welcome drink and does not lose them.


Photographs are very important on the wedding day especially at the time of the ceremony.

Unfortunately it can happen that people are not perfectly arranged, someone can remain seated while the others stand, children around, if it is an outdoor ceremony, small groups can be formed leaving empty spaces.

At the moment no one would notice but what do you tell me when you receive the photos and you will find that they look messy.

Don’t worry, just that a person in charge on the wedding day coordinates with the photographer in order to warn people if they are in not exactly right attitudes for a photo that must be perfect.


This is another case to keep in mind especially during the summer period.

The famous plan B is fundamental.

I’ll tell you an anecdote, a wedding in Ibiza in a beautiful private villa, a perfectly summer day.

Dinner was planned in the garden with a long table and very elegant lighting, a dream setting.

Unfortunately, at 7 pm, checking the forecast, I realized that a strong disturbance was coming and dinner would never finish in time before the rain arrived.

I tried several times to speak in vain with the couple who had no intention of changing the arrangement of the dinner.

Punctually at 7 pm the first drops of water began to fall and then promptly with steady nerves, approaching the couple I suggested that they move into the hall inside the villa.

About an hour earlier I had instructed the waiters to prepare the room with all the decorations in order to keep me ready for any eventuality.

So when I moved the guests inside, everything was already perfectly set up.

So the moment people were sheltered it started raining incessantly.

No damage, no ruined party, you just need to be able to plan everything and leave nothing to chance.

What I would like to tell you is to think carefully about every detail of your day even the most insignificant one, because it could ruin everything.

I don’t know if I made you want to hire a Wedding Planner for your wedding.

If yes, I advise you to trust without fear, if instead your idea is to continue organizing by yourself, then I hope I have given you some good suggestions to reflect on.

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